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Additional Information

Nutrition & Food Associates, Inc. (NFA) is a full-service company providing you with tools and services to comply with the Nutrition Label and Education Act (NLEA.) We help you determine the most cost-effective and time-saving method of preparing nutritional labels.

In addition to the services noted on the CONSULTING SERVICES page, NFA can assist you with the following by providing both our expertise and the strengths of our NutriForm® software.

  • For the food manufacturer, NFA can help decipher FDA regulations and provide a blueprint for creating labels within budget and time constraints. We can also manage the entire label production for a company, leaving the manufacturer time to focus on product development.
  • Consulting services to client food development teams can help formulate nutrition criteria for product development concepts. We recognize that smaller companies often do not have nutrition or regulatory staff. NFA provides cost-effective consulting to help develop nutrition strategies for the product and/or company.
  • Point of purchase materials featuring nutrition selling points.
  • Collaborative work with your ad agency and NFA to develop nutrition concepts as selling points on the product label, in print ads and in television.
  • We can provide the resources to help manufacturers get laboratory product analysis, determine costs and set a timeframe to develop the final label.
  • NFA can also provide assistance to international companies with labeling questions, label development and product development plans.
  • We provide nutrition marketing support by presenting training seminars to staff and developing publications, recipes and photograph layouts.

You may wonder, what’s so challenging about providing Nutrition Facts labels? How can NFA help us get labels done on time and on budget?

  • We provide the staff with the labeling, nutrition and regulatory expertise to get your labels done so you don’t have to hire your own staff.
  • We can absorb the load of extra labeling projects that may temporarily over-burden your existing staff.
  • We provide in-house training for your staff to learn and understand FDA regulations. We will set up a labeling program specific to your company and assess computer needs and capabilities.
  • It is important to remember that nutritional software is not magic. Manufacturing staff need to understand FDA regulations and know that the analysis calculations are only as good as the software’s database. Some foods are difficult to analyze via a calculation and require analytical data to support the numbers. NutriForm® software provides both a calculation program and an analytical program in the same software package. With a strong staff to be there for you when you need assistance, you will always have the tools to create dependable nutrition information and marketing materials.

We look forward to hearing from you!