About Us

Our Mission

Nutrition & Food Associates (NFA) was founded to provide the food manufacturer and food service industry with information technology that solves the problems of formula and recipe management, nutrition calculations, and nutrition labeling.

How We Achieve our Mission

NFA strives to be a leader providing innovative services and software for nutrition information used in nutrition recipe analysis, Nutrition Facts labeling, package claims and food communications. We help our customers manage nutrition calculations and labels as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To meet these needs, NFA offers software, support and consulting services.

Does your company have a unique situation? Customized nutrition analysis solutions can be created for you using our own NutriForm® software. Because we develop and market our own software, we are able to customize solutions to deliver the results you need.

Who We Are

Nutrition & Food Associates, Inc. is a 20-year-old consulting and software company. NFA offers a cost- effective and easy way for the grocer, restaurant, chef, baker and food manufacturer to comply with government nutrition label regulations. NutriForm® software offers the solution to mandatory NLEA labeling and saves our customers thousands of dollars in both outside services and employee time.

NFA is a member of numerous culinary and professional organizations including: Institute of Food Technologists, The American Dietetic Association, International Association of Culinary Professionals and Research Chefs Association.

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